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Small-batch accessories &
home goods for people who
aren't afraid of a little color.

The Silk and Cotton Shop is owned
by artist Eliza Schneider-Green.  

Everything is made by hand 
in her
home studio in North 


Get to Know Eliza


Eliza is a seamstress, painter, photographer,

and professional graphic designer with a love 
for trial and error and making a mess in the studio. She and her husband have four cats,
a lot
of plants, and a mutual hatred of heat.

Her workday usually involves an early morning
cup of tea, non-stop NPR, and lots (and LOTS) of fabric scraps.

The Silk and Cotton Shop name was passed down from
Eliza's great-grandmother, Bluma, who sold sewing notions
and fabric in Panama City, Fl, in the early twentieth century. 
She was an entrepreneur who immigrated from Russia as a teenager, stood tall in her 4 foot 9 inch frame, raised three sons and one daughter, and never missed a chance to fill
her table with as much food as could fit.


Handmade with love.

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